Odiham District

Simply Singing

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Contact:
When: Monthly on Thursday afternoons
2nd Thursday of the month. Starts 2:30pm.
Venue: The Cross Barn Main Hall
Cost: £5 in cash

Ella Fitzgerald once said that: “The only thing better than singing is more singing”. Many of us echo her thoughts, but fear we cannot sing in tune or that our voices are not good enough for a choir.

Simply Singing was formed for singers such as these. Simply Singing is a group for anyone who enjoys ‘Simply Singing’ in a friendly group. We enjoy familiar and nostalgic songs to a basic piano accompaniment. There are no auditions, no part singing and no need to read music.

It is one hour of ... Simply Singing.

Anyone who loves to sing will probably tell you how good it makes them feel. It’s no secret that singing reduces stress, improves your mood, and generally brings more fun into your day.

But there are many different physical, emotional, social, and psychological benefits associated with singing that you may not realise. When you sing, you naturally sit or stand up straighter to get a better sound. Singing also improves your lung capacity and helps you to breathe a little easier. Concentration improves, because you have to focus on what you’re singing and pay attention to the leader. And on the social and emotional side, singing reduces stress and anxiety as well as easing depression.

The emphasis is 100% on enjoyment – and we’ve all made friends in the group too.

So...come and join us to Simply Sing!

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