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Science and Technology

Status: Active, open to new members
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When: Monthly on Wednesday mornings
3rd Wednesday of the month. Coffee at 10:00. Talk from 10:30 - 12:00.
Venue: The Cross Barn Main Hall

This group runs a programme of monthly events on a wide range of topics in science and technology, concentrating on areas of current interest.

Presentations from invited external speakers or by members commence at 10:30 followed by questions and answers or discussion with the audience.

We also try to organise one or two visits each year.

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Forthcoming Events

20th March 2024
10:30 am
Monthly Meeting

The Oceans - the flywheel of the climate system by Colin Summerhayes

Venue: The Cross Barn Main Hall

17th April 2024

A visit to Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL)…

A visit to Advanced Biofuel Solutions Ltd (ABSL) Swindon site is being arranged. The Swindon Plant is the first facility in the world to convert household waste into grid-quality biomethane. […]

15th May 2024
10:00 am
Monthly Meeting

First Light Fusion by Hugo Doyle

Venue: The Cross Barn Main Hall

17th July 2024

A presentation on DNA from Dr Darren Gowers.…

A presentation on DNA from Dr Darren Gowers. The talk will be entitled "Journeys in Biology 1:DNA and the Genome Revolution"

What to do with our rubbish?

A number of Science and Technology members visited Veolia’s Energy Recovery Facility in Marchwood to find out what happens to our household rubbish.

There is a lot of household waste produced in Hampshire and there is a very limited amount of landfill so the waste pile would just keep growing if there were not another method of waste disposal.

This futuristic dome hides a surprisingly complex treatment process for nonrecyclable waste. The waste is roughly sorted into bunkers from where it is fed into a moving grate incinerator.

Here the hot gases generated pass through a water tube boiler and generate steam. The steam then powers a turbine which is connected to an electrical generator which can provide up to 16MW of power. There are 2 process trains so not only is a large amount of our waste disposed of but in the process produces enough energy for 22,600 homes.

However that is not all as there is complex chemical treatment of the flue gas in order to meet environmental standards and the emissions are continuously monitored by the Environment Agency.

So the members found that emissions from the disposal are also environmentally friendly.

Notes on previous presentations

We have written notes on previous presentations to our group to give you a flavour of what we learn about. This can be found here.

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