Odiham District


Status: Active, open to new members
Group Contact:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings
3rd Thursday of each month. 10:00am - 12:00pm.
Venue: Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club
Cost: £10 per term

The History Group has two themes, the core approach is to study some of the key events and people in English history using a chronological approach and leaven this with talks on historical subjects or objects of interest to members.

For the core we have just reached the Glorious Revolution of 1688 so will be looking at the reign of William and Mary and then Anne with plenty of potential subjects for study. Group leaders will provide a list of potentials topics for members to talk on but we are always open to suggestions within the overall narrative.

Their sessions will focus in part on Chronological English History in addition each meeting will choose an Historical topic of special interest of informative members.

We don’t yet have a theme for the other talks but we have previously taken British Institutions, broadly interpreted to include subjects as diverse as the Mini, Maundy Money and the BBC, and a kind of antiques roadshow with members talking about objects in their possession with an interesting historical connection.

Talks are given by members of the group so participation is key and the success of the group depends on members being willing to contribute within a friendly and welcoming group.

Joint Group Leaders: Bryan East, Stewart Kilpatrick and Kenneth McAdam.

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