Odiham District

History of World Civilisations

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Contact:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings
2nd Thursday of each month. 10am - 12 noon. We don't meet in August.
Venue: Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club
Cost: £10 for the term

This group has been exploring since 2016 how humans gradually developed from hunter gatherers to farmers to urban dwellers and how, as a consequence, different civilisations evolved throughout the world.

We use JM Roberts' book Ancient History as a springboard to explore and discuss different aspects of the changing societies ranging from religion to music to currency to technology to domestication of crops as well as wars and migration.

We have now reached about the year 1000 when, it is claimed, globalisation began and it’s certainly been a major force in our lifetime. As such it has underscored the importance and relevance of understanding the different cultures, histories and perspectives of other countries and other parts of the world. The world is your oyster to explore with us.

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