Odiham District

Environment and Climate Change

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Contact:
When: Monthly on Friday mornings
4th Friday of the month. 10:00am - 12:00pm.
Venue: Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club
Cost: £10.00 per year

Everything we do has an effect on our environment, and it is now well established that the world is going through a significant change of climate, mostly caused by human activity. The objective of this group is to help members more fully understand what the issues are, and how we can through our own actions, and through informing others, both improve the environment around us and help to mitigate the effects and adapt to the changes caused by the climate emergency.

Each month we will concentrate on a relevant aspect with subjects being introduced by members or guest speakers.

Whilst this is an important and topical subject, we wish the discussions to be open and supportive rather than confrontational, with everyone encouraged to participate as much or a little as they wish.

Visit our Environment and Climate Change microsite to view details of our meetings and to access a wide range of resources for members, including: the latest climate news; climate science; energy and CO2 mitigation technologies and much more.

We welcome new members to our discussions whatever their knowledge of the subject.

If you would like to contact the group by email click on the Group Contact above.

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