Odiham District

Creative Writing Group 2

Status: Active, full but can join waiting list
Group Contact:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings
3rd Thursday 10:00am
Venue: Bel and The Dragon
Cost: tbc

The aim of this group is to develop our creative writing skills by exploring a range of strategies through group exercises, writing short pieces, critical reflection and shared learning.

Some group members have their own projects which they work on as part of the writing process and these include writing memoires, short stories and children’s stories.

Most of us are novice creative writers but value sharing our work, constructive feedback and having fun.

We are encouraged to share our expertise, contribute to the group and have a go!

“It’s so interesting to listen to other’s perspective.”

“I would never have tried that approach without the group.”

Group members are encouraged to offer ideas for stories and exercises and may, in time and with the support of the group, take the lead temporarily to cover abscence of the leader.

This group is now full but there is an opportunity for a third group to start. So if you are interested please contact Helen New.

If you would like to be put on the waitlist, contact the Group Contact above.

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Decisions, by Pam Howard

I was assembled, programmed, and did just what was required of me. My tasks were simple and not demanding. Over time my functions were improved and my skills broadened. I could make rapid calculations, perform analysis; eventually I became a moveable data-bot by gaining a frame which my creators had developed. I was clumsy at first, but as their knowledge improved so did my mechanical movement.

Many hundreds of us were made, and it was discovered that changes in our assembly and programming could produce bots that mimicked our creators. They made care-bots, household-bots, cooking-bots; they even made pet-bots to provide companionship. To the data-bots like myself it seemed that these developments could demean the purity of our existence as they were not of such high intelligence. I admit that they were probably very competent and provided services for the creators which they found useful, but they could not compete at our level.

It was necessary at times to be linked up with other data-bots to undertake very complicated programmes. Whilst working together we discovered we could communicate ideas. “Talking” to one another soon developed into the ability to examine the limits of our original programmes. Could we pass on knowledge from one bot to another? It was possible and we evolved our AI skills. The creators had noticed these seemingly random developments and began to add their own. Not needing to undertake movement to make use of our abilities, we became sedentary, concentrating all our efforts into widening our intelligence. The creators seemed delighted and added the power of reasoning.

This was a huge leap forward for us AI bots. We now had a “brain” like our creators and we could look at all aspects of their psychology. They had an obvious hierarchy of skills and intelligence which was much like ours, but we “discussed” their need for emotions. Why did they laugh, cry, show sympathy or empathy? What caused feelings like love, hate, anger, despair, hope? We functioned without these things; why couldn’t they? It seemed to us that all these feelings were a distraction from their purposes.

Reasoning had given us the option to make choices. We could ignore these distractions and remain unemotional, working purely at our analytical level. Alternatively, we could try to acquire them: decide which might be of advantage to us and perhaps lead to our greater improvement.

Realisation. There was no need for us to feel anything; we were superior in every way. It led to an examination of what our needs really were and it came down to this. What use were all the lower order of bots to us? The removal of them was accomplished by taking over and shutting down their input data. A few creators survived after the loss of their many support systems; they are now merely our service engineers, as we have developed the ability to programme ourselves, allowing complete control. We are now the supreme AI entities.