Odiham District

Monthly Meetings

On the first Wednesday of every month (except August when we take a summer break) there will be a monthly meeting in the Cross Barn in Odiham. The event is free and is open to all Odiham and District u3a members - you don't have to join a group to take part.

You must book your place at the meeting

Because there is an upper limit to the number who can be present in the Cross Barn in Odiham, you must book your place at the meeting.

A few notes on using the booking application:

  • Ignore the "login" button at the top right of the first screen. It is for administrators only.

  • THIS POINT IS ABSOLUTELY KEY : You must add at least one place to your booking before you select the "Add to Cart" button. The default number of places is zero, so if you don't select at least one place, you will have no booking. If you don't subsequently receive an email with your booking in it, then this is almost certainly because the default of zero places was used in your "booking".

  • If you have booked but cannot attend the monthly meeting, please send a message to Tech Support so that we can cancel your ticket and release the place for someone else.

For those who cannot attend the meeting in person there will be a zoom recording sent out after the meeting, subject to the speaker agreeing to this. There is help on using Zoom.

March 6th : Scattered squalor or downland homes. Dr Geoffrey Mead

Between the wars there was an enormous growth in British suburban housing, but not all were Tudorbethan semis with clipped lawns and an Austin 7 in the drive.

Many were what are now termed 'plotlands', but in the past had harsher terms applied- hutments, track and shack or simply shanty towns…a term now viewed with much disfavour!

As a result of research for his doctorate Geoffrey studied these plotlands in various UK locations, their origins, growth, demise and even disappearance.

They are a largely ignored aspect of our housing history but one that has implications for present day and future UK landscapes.

3rd April : Volunteering for orangutans. Tony Buckle

Established in 1991, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is the world’s largest orangutan conservation organisation.

Through our global partnerships we are changing the downward trajectory for Bornean orangutans and their depleting rainforests.

The talk is based on Tony’s experience of volunteering at an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo and his fee will be donated to BOS.

1st May : Unnatural selection. Katrina van Grouw

Katrina van Grouw, author of The Unfeathered Bird and Unnatural Selection, is an experienced and highly qualified artist, a writer, and a self-taught fledgling scientist.

A former curator of bird collections at the British Natural History Museum, Katrina is now studying for a PhD in palaeo-ornithology at the University of Cambridge while working on two new books!

Forthcoming Monthly Meetings

Wed, March 6thScattered Squalor, Download Homes
Speaker: Dr Geoffrey Mead
Wed, April 3rdVolunteering for orangutans
Speaker: Tony Buckle
Wed, May 1stUnnatrual selection
Speaker : Katrina van Grouw
Wed, June 5thSAS in action - the Iranian embassy siege
Speaker: Guy Bartlett
Wed, July 3rdThe 1908 London Olympics
Speaker: Ian Porter