Odiham District

How to join

Our u3a membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August the following year.

If you join on or after the 1st May, your membership will run until 31 August the following year.

If you already belong to another u3a you will be charged an "associate" membership fee of £16 per year.

Otherwise, you will be charged the "individual" membership fee of £20 per year.

We stongly recommend that you visit the "Detailed instructions on joining" before starting the new-member joining process.

Please read the following statements before clicking the "Agree" button below. Hitting the "Agree" button below will take you to the new-member signup process.

  • I consent to my data being used for membership purposes as detailed above and, if appropriate, to the sharing of my name and address data with the company who oversee the distribution of the Third Age Trust Magazine.

  • If I opt to authorise Gift Aid, then I acknowledge my responsibility to ensure I pay sufficient taxes to allow this.

After the last stage of the process, payment, you will get an email copy of your membership card from the u3a Beacon system, and a Payment Confirmation email from PayPal.

Once you have joined you will then have the opportunity to join any individual groups that interest you. All the groups and contact details for the individual Group leaders can be found under the groups button.

Once you have joined an individual groups you will be sent details of the groups by the group leader or leaders.

Privacy statement

Our Privacy Statement includes details of how we use the information that you will supply when you join. Please click Privacy Statement to read.

"Third Age Matters" - the u3a newsletter

When you join Odiham District u3a you automatically become a member of the National u3a at www.u3a.org.uk. This means you will receive their mailings, including the Third Age Matters (TAM) magazine.

You can opt out of these mailings by emailing Membership Secretary.