Odiham District

AGM 2023 - minutes

Held at the Cross Barn on Wednesday, 1 st November, 2023.

1. Chairman Hugh Thomas welcomed the members present at the Cross Barn to the 13 the AGM of the Odiham District u3a.

2. Apologies for absence were received from Committee members Viv Needham, Marion Sharp, Jim Osgerby and Jane Osgood. Apologies also received from Roger Booth, Members-on-their-own Group Leader.

3. The Chairman introduced the meeting saying that the u3a is an unusual charity in that it is run entirely by its members for its members rather to help others. That means everyone can and does contribute to its success or failure and together we had a very successful year in 2022/23:

  • Membership reached a record number of 694
  • Members started 7 new groups ranging from Jamming to Croquet to Petanque
  • 75% of our income was collected by Groups, managed by the Groups and spent by them. We have a healthy balance sheet and a comfortable surplus so we have money to help create new groups in 2024. But Groups are not created top-down, but by members and support is available to help get them started

4. Four motions were approved by the meeting: (please see below for proxy-voting results)

  • APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE 2022 AGM – Proposed by Hugh Thomas, Seconded by Graham Plumbe.
  • APPROVE THE 2022/23 ACCOUNTS – Proposed by Hugh Thomas, Seconded by Sue Morris.
  • APPROVE THE APPOINTMENT OF JOHN MARKHAM as Independent Examiner of the Accounts. Proposed by Hugh Thomas, Seconded by Chris Gotla. The Chairman explained that we have to comply with the law and the regulations of the Charity Commission. John Markham does not provide a professional audit but he checks our accounts for compliance. HT proposed a vote of thanks to John Markham, who was not present, on behalf of the Odiham District u3a for his work to date.
  • APPROVE THE ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR 2023/24. Proposed by Hugh Thomas, Seconded by Sue Galloway.
  • The Chairman noted that Jim Osgerby, who was involved in the start up of the Odiham District u3a, has stepped down.
  • Chris Clark is also retiring after serving the 6 years allowable. Chris was key to our moving onto Beacon and also introduced us to zoom at the start of the covid lockdown, without which our u3a would have had difficult continuing. He also played a key role in the development of our website. The Chairman offered a special vote of thanks which was greeted by a round of applause.
  • Ian Green has agreed to become Vice-Chairman after Chris Clark steps down.
  • In advance of several current Committee members reaching the end of their tenures in November 2024, three members have also joined the Committee – Helen New, Mike Shaw and Sue Mitchell. Helen introduced us to the University of Southampton with whom she has done some very useful project work. Mike works with Marion Sharp on both our existing, and our new, websites. Sue will minute the Committee meetings and manage the monthly meeting speakers from 2024.

5. The Chairman noted that every year about 50 members leave our u3a for a variety of reasons so it is important that each year should bring new members with new ideas. An important role for the Committee and all existing members is to welcome new members – at the New Members Coffee Morning held the previous day, at social events such as the coffee before this AGM, when a new member joins a Group. It is encouraging that Groups are increasingly led by a team rather than one individual and great to see all the different skills people have. So, he urged people to think about what they can do to help: be American, put yourself forward!! Our members’ involvement is key to the future of our u3a.

Proxy-voting results

One hundred votes were returned. There were no "no" votes for any of the motions.

  • Do you approve of the minutes from last year's AGM? - Yes - 92%, Abstain - 8%
  • Do you approve the accounts? Yes - 96%, Abstain - 4%
  • Do you approve the appointment of John Markham as Independent Examiner of Accounts? Yes - 98%, Abstain 2%
  • Do you approve the election of Officers and Committee Members? Yes - 98%, Abstain - 2%

Confirmation of the committee for 2024

  • Chair: Hugh Thomas
  • Vice Chair: Ian Green
  • Treasurer Chris: Gotla
  • Business Secretary: Viv Needham
  • Membership Secretary: Maggie Brain
  • Groups Co-ordinator: Gill Harden
  • Projects: Helen New
  • Publicity and Newsletter Jane Osgood
  • Beacon first port of call: Marion Sharp
  • Website first port of call: Mike Shaw
  • Minutes and Monthly Meeting Speakers: Sue Mitchell